Tubular Assemblies

Turbo Oil System

Turbocharger oil drain lines which incorporate metal bellows provide a ready to install assembly that is leak tight and suitable for high temperatures. They offer a substantial cost savings over multi part assemblies with non-metallic flexible elements as a result of the labor savings during installation.

Flexible Metal has established manufacturing cells to perform tube bending, flaring, sizing and beading, robotic welding and automated leak testing and inspection.

Tube Bellow Assembly
Turbo Drain Line

Water-Coolant Lines

For water-coolant lines connection to the engine must be made to a high degree of precision.

The assemblies shown are heavy wall tubing with integral flange, rotary formed and flared tubes, spot welding for support brackets, induction brazing, and furnace brazing. They were manufactured in high volumes with automated inspection and leak testing fixtures.

Carbon Steel Tube
Zinc-Nickel Plated

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