Flexible Metal Inc. designs and manufactures metal tubular assemblies to meet customer requirements for diesel and gasoline engines, automobiles, on-highway and off-highway vehicles, agricultural vehicles, engine generator sets and a wide variety of original equipment applications. The company specializes in automotive and diesel bellows design and fabrication, stamped and air gap manifold design and fabrication, double wall tubing fabrication, fabricated header and tubular exhaust manifolds, and integrated exhaust system design.

Design engineered solutions combine the experience accumulated over 50 years of producing these products at Flexible Metal Inc. and Metaldyne Tubular Products with the most advanced engineering techniques available. Products are designed to meet or exceed customer performance requirements with the production processes

incorporated into the design to ensure the most economical product for the application.

Flexible Metal's facilities range from product development testing including engine dynamotor test cells with high speed photography, prototype fabrication and tooling fabrication to medium volume flexible manufacturing cells and high volume manufacturing with dedicated cells. The staff includes Manufacturing Engineers specializing in process design, automation and production manufacturing cell layout. The company is equipped to form metal bellows; tube fabrication including milling, bending, trimming, corrugating, beading, flaring, flanging and expanding; and major joining processes including brazing, resistance and fusion welding. Production cells combine these processes with automated inspection, testing and product identification.

A uniform quality assurance management program conforming to ISO 9001 and TS 16949 applies to all products produced. In addition to the long term implementation of these programs at Flexible Metal, the company has been surveyed and approved as a Tier 1 supplier by major automotive companies, diesel and gasoline engine manufacturers, truck and heavy equipment producers and other OEM companies. Flexible Metal consistently meets or exceeds parts per million goals set by these customers and maintains a program of product improvement. An environmental management system conforming to ISO 14001 to ensure the company's commitment to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.