Exhaust Gas Recovery (EGR)

ERG Cast Turbo Mount, Silicon Moly casting and Stainless steel bellows
and flanges

EGR Tube Assembly for on-highway
Class 8 truck engines.

ERG Elbow Tube Assembly,
all stainless steel materials

Flexible Metal has extensive experience designing and manufacturing Exhaust Gas Recovery assemblies for gasoline and diesel engines. The company’s capabilities include bellows forming, machining, tube bending, tube forming and sizing, and major joining processes including MIG and TIG welding, resistance welding, furnace brazing and induction brazing.

ERG assemblies incorporating castings involve specialized welding processes. Flexible Metal works with foundries to select the best alloy for the application, and develops the welding process to fit the design

Dual Wall Air Gap Manifolds

Dual Wall Air Gap Manifold
with interior liner highlighted
Dual Wall Manifold with high nickel
alloy interior and austenitic stainless steel outer shell.

Dual Wall Log Manifold
for V8 Diesel Engine

Flexible Metal's Hamburg, Michigan facility has been an industry leader in the development of formed manifolds, turbocharger housings and ducts incorporating dual wall air gap technology. With modern engines operating at high temperatures, formed manifolds offer substantial cost saving by limiting the use of high Nickel alloys to the inner liner with the added benefit of the low thermal inertia which reduces emissions. These designs are in service on high volume production vehicles, and development is continuing to expand the application of this technology.

Exhaust Manifolds and Extension Tubes

High Performance V10 Tubular Manifold
Turbo Inlet Pipe Assembly

Five inch diameter exhaust extension tube installed in off-highway truck

High Performance V8 Manifold

Flexible Metal designs and manufactures a complete range of exhaust manifolds (tubular, single wall stamped and dual wall air gap), exhaust pipes and ducts, exhaust extension tubes for off highway heavy equipment and ducting for on highway trucks. The company has CNC tube bending capability through 8 inches diameter, flaring and sizing equipment, and manual and robotic welding. Design service is available for complete system layout, FEA and flow analysis.

Air Tubes

Air Tube Assemblies for automotive engines.

Air tubes offer a means to reduce engine emissions. Because they connect to the engine they must be made to a high degree of precision. The assemblies shown incorporate corrugated heavy wall tubing, powdered metal connections with integral air passages, a cast elbow, pierced and flared tubes, spot welding, induction brazing and furnace brazing. They were manufactured in high volumes with automated inspection and leak testing fixtures.

Turbocharger Oil Drains

Turbo Charger Oil Drain Lines

Turbocharger oil drain lines which incorporate metal bellows provide a ready to install assembly that is leak tight and suitable for high temperatures. They offer a substantial cost savings over multi part assemblies with non-metallic flexible elements as a result of the labor savings during installation.

Flexible Metal has established manufacturing cells to perform tube bending, flaring, sizing and beading, robotic welding and brazing and automated leak testing and inspection.

Metal Bellows and Custom Fabrication

Hydro-formed Metal Bellows,
single and multiply construction
Hydro-formed bayonet tube end
with "O" ring grooves

Non- standard diameter
Hastelloy X® tube and end with 316L cast and machined flange.

Flexible Metal has bellows hydro-forming capability suitable for high volume projects as well low volume production and prototyping.

Bellows capability combined with tube milling, bending through 8" diameter, expanding, swaging, cutting, de-burring and beading provide complete capability to fabricate tubular assemblies.

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