Flexible Metal
Tucker Georgia

Company Profile

Founded in 1954 as Flexible Metal Hose, Flexible Metal Inc. (FMI) has been continuously engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of metal bellows, metal hose and specialized tubular assemblies for industrial and original equipment applications.

In 2004 the company was purchased by Hyspan Precision Products, Inc. (www.hyspan.com), a manufacturer of similar products; and the expansion joints, industrial metal hose and military products manufactured by FMI were relocated to other Hyspan facilities and subsidiaries. This permitted Flexible Metal to expand its capability to produce medium to high volume tubular and flexible products for original equipment applications such as automotive engine components, automotive emissions and exhaust systems, on highway and off highway heavy vehicle emission and exhaust systems, diesel agricultural engine components, military vehicles, and many other applications such as fuel cells and gas turbines.

Flexible Metal
Hamburg Michigan
The company's capability and capacity was expanded in 2010 with the purchase of Metaldyne Tubular Products in Hamburg, Michigan. Metaldyne Tubular was a leader in design and high volume manufacturing of engine exhaust system components specializing in tubular manifolds, stamped manifolds, air gap manifolds, and double wall tubing and stamped assemblies. The production process involves highly automated manufacturing cells incorporating metal forming, tube bending and welding. The company designed and manufactured these products for more than forty years..

Flexible Metal
Čakovice Czech Republic
In order to better serve the European requirements of Flexible Metal's customers, and to expand the company's customer base, Flexible Metal s.r.o. was established in 2015 in Prague 9 of the Czech Republic. The company is staffed and equipped to produce the Flexible Metal products for European delivery. .

Flexible Metal offers customers engineered solutions by a highly qualified experienced staff starting with the basic concept or application and ending with economical manufacturing processes. FMI employs advanced design software that is compatible with customer systems. The company has complete prototype fabrication capability, and product testing facilities.

The company is an approved Tier 1 supplier to major automotive, engine, and heavy equipment manufacturers of on highway and off highway vehicles. Quality systems are registered in accordance with ISO/TS 16949.